I woke up this morning (poem)

I woke up this morningwith burning in my chestand wondered to myselfis this another testrather than do what I didin times that came beforeI carefully, prayerfullylower my head toward the floor

keep on walking (poem)

I really am a lot of things— but one thing I have learned: never let go of your dreams nor the miles you’ve earned! Walk and walk and keep on walking forward through the night, because if you just fail to stop, one day you’ll reach the light!

God Bless (poem)

God bless you, morning God bless you, day God bless each person On my way God bless those working And those at play God bless those crying With aught to say God bless those seeking With what they need And those in chains That they be freed

a little songbird (poem)

there’s a little songbird in my heart you hear that clear, sweet melody? so far beyond the urge within me to lie down ashamed enough that I would go to ground I hear the echo clearly in my soul of Light shining so brightly, as if I know a secret I have only just forgot …


heartsore (poem)

bruised and broken, heartsore, torn though I cry as if newborn and though my skin is new and red as though with blood, I’m bound to tread yet and still, my God believes in who I am if I receive the plan He once laid out for me I reach to Him and He to …