Hit Snooze


Noah blinked awake, startled. A tiny bony elbow dug into his side and a small hand patted his face.

“Let’s play Legos!”

He groaned and looked toward the clock, then his wife. Two o’clock in the morning. His wife Emily was reasonably and sensibly asleep.

Noah reached for the spare pillow. “I’m going to bonk you on the head.”

“Eek!” Chloe scooted back at high speed—right to the edge of the bed.

Noah snatched her before she could fall and tucked her in under the covers between him and Emily while she looked adorably confused. He kissed the top of her head, and she snuggled in against her mother.

She yawned. “Kissing’s okay.”

“Now go to sleep, small child.”

“I’m not a small child,” Chloe said solemnly, already snuggling in. “I’m your small child.”

“My small child, go to sleep.”

Snug and warm and comfy, she did, finally letting him get some peace.